Why Models Love Juicing

The life of a fashion model can be extremely hectic, with many barely having enough time in the day to stop and eat a decent meal. The craze of drinking natural, organic juices made from fruits and vegetables has caught on in a major way. Now, juicing is one of the only healthy trends out there today! It’s true that people are becoming Juicer Fanatics! Social media is flooded with people who praise the method for a variety of reasons and love to show off the results they’ve gotten from juicing. The following details some reasons why fashion models love juicing:

Juicing for convenience

Juicing is an easy way for models to squeeze in some sort of nourishment throughout the day. When you’re stuck in rush hour and you have to find a way to make it across town in 20 minutes, it’s almost impossible to think straight. This is especially true if you have a packed schedule and haven’t had a chance to eat. It can be tempting to stop for an unhealthy and quick snack, but is it really worth the guilt? Juicing is a convenient alternative and it’s easy to enjoy the healthy drinks while you’re on the go.

Juicing for weight loss and to prevent weight gain

Juicing is an excellent method to get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables your body needs to feel and look its best. Having glowing skin and a great body are two of the most important qualities of a great fashion model. Juice cleanses, which may last for up to a week, are a way to easily limit calorie intake. It can help you lose weight without sacrificing important nutrients your body needs in order to stay healthy.

Juicing to detox and cleanse your system

Fashion models can often be found in party environments. Many designers, photographers, editors, journalists, models, and others in the fashion business are cigarette smokers. Even for those who don’t smoke, being around second-hand smoke and drinking on a regular basis can have some adverse effects on the body. Many people swear by juicing’s detox abilities. The most common technique is to commit to eliminating solid foods from your diet for 1, 3, or 5 days and to simply drink a variety of vegetable and fruit juices. Juicing is a great way to flush the garbage out of your system.

Juicing for overall health benefits

With the growing popularity of juicing, there have been some impressive claims in regards to its benefits. Juicing has been said to aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and may even help protect the body against cancer. Whether or not you’re expecting juicing to be some sort of miracle cure, the simple truth is that eating (or drinking, in this case) lots of vegetables and fruits will indeed improve your health. With a healthy, strong immune system, models don’t have to worry about constantly getting sick and not being able to work. Juicing gives them the energy to make it through a busy day of go-sees, photo shoots, and meetings without sacrificing their health.

Juicing is in style

It may seem cliché, but fashion models love juicing because it’s in style. That is not to say that models are simply following a fad, but that they are tastemakers who are able to predict and decide what trends will catch on. Before the juicing trend began, no one cared if what they were drinking was “cold-pressed” or not. Now, there are lots of companies that sell organic juices to help make the detox process easier. The demand for healthy, all natural juices is growing quickly. Tweeting about your juice cleanse has become almost as essential as owning a little black dress!

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