The Power of Maggots in Healing Severe Wounds

wound healingWe are in an age where severe wounds can still be treated. Even 3rd or 4th degree burns can now be salvaged using artificial skin. There are a lot of medical advances these days that have saved a lot of lives. When it comes to big wounds, they can be stitched and wait for the skin to heal. The problem though is that while you are healing, you will suffer from excessive pains. You are also at risk of infections. With the aid medicines like antibiotics though, you don’t feel that bad during these instances.

Sadly, there is no widespread resistance to antibiotic. This is why the idea of using maggots as a medical treatment is now being tossed up again. This was used in the past but medical experts did not really push through with it. Now, this idea is becoming more popular in the medical community. Maggots are used by placing them in a tea bag and applying them directly to wounds. They are helpful in cleaning dead tissue from the wounds that any other surgical procedure or medical treatment available. It is essential to hasten the closure of the wounds. Surgical debridement is also a long and painful process. Those who have major wounds don’t have to go through it anymore with the help of maggot therapy.

How it works

When maggots are placed directly on the skin, their secretions hasten the response of the immune system. The system immediately reacts and clears the pathogens. Along the way, it helps clear infections too. However, if excessively done, it might lead to chronic inflammation.

Though obviously there is still a lot of work to do, experts have now found ways on how maggots work in helping those who are wounded. They are now studying the components of maggot secretion so they can replicate them and use them to treat the wounds without using the maggots anymore. According to studies, maggots heal 50% to 80% of wounds using this therapy. The idea of using insects to treat diseases might sound medieval, but the ideas obtained by experts are now used to advance medicine even further.

Say goodbye to wounds 

If this means one thing, it is the fact that people no longer have to die because of huge cuts or wound infections. This is true especially to those who live in far places and are not able to receive immediate medical attention. For instance, when people use chainsaws to cut trees, the possibility to getting injured is really high. It is a very sharp and powerful tool. If it can cut through thick trees, imagine what it can do to your body. With the help of this study, anyone who suffers from chainsaw related wound can be immediately treated. Of course, there are also advancements in chainsaw technology to make the device easier to use. You can check out the top 5 best chainsaw brands that are deemed safe. When you find out the makers of the best chainsaws that are safe for use, then it is easier to trust them.

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