Paddleboard Fashion and Clothing

Paddleboarding is a growing sport in recent years. This fun type of exercise has various health benefits ranging from better balance to improved endurance. It is low impact and provides a full body workout. There are two ways you can paddleboard. The first is by kneeling while moving your arms in a swimming motion and the second involves standing while using a paddle.
One of the keys to enjoying this type of exercise is to have a good paddleboard. The best stand up paddleboard ( for women are lightweight and smaller than typical boards. They were designed with the idea that women are smaller than men. Women’s paddleboards also differ in color and design – they are usually bright with flower patterns much as many of our favourite fashions are!
Once you have the best surfboard or paddleboard for your size and stature you have to think about what to wear while paddleboarding. Here is a list of rules to follow when picking out your paddleboarding attire.
• Waterproof clothing – One of the inevitable facts of paddleboarding is that you are going to get wet. This is why it is important to wear waterproof clothing that is going to dry quickly. You do not want to wear heavy material that absorbs water – you should avoid cotton by all means. Material that absorbs water will make your paddleboarding session uncomfortable and it will restrict your range of movement.
• Tight fitting attire – It is important that your attire fits snuggly against your body. This includes items such as bathing suits, shirts and shirts. Items that are baggy and heavy can rub against the skin causing irritations. Loose clothing can weigh you down should you happen to fall in the water – even if you are using one of the best surfboards you will fall off from time to time.
Water shoes – A lot of people choose to go barefoot when they are paddleboarding. The reason for this is because this sport requires the use of your foot and leg muscles to provide balance. If you are barefoot you have a better grip on the surfboard. If you are not comfortable going in the ocean without shoes then you should definitely purchase water shoes. You should avoid wear running shoes or flip flops. When regular shoes get wet they become slippery which could cause an unnecessary accident. Purchase shoes that were designed to get wet.
• Sunglasses with lanyard – You are going to be out on the open water where the suns rays are very strong. It is important to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. To avoid losing your sunglasses in the water you should keep your sunglasses on a lanyard.
• Wetsuits – If you are going paddleboarding in cold water or cold temperatures it is important to wear a wetsuit. Your wetsuit will protect you from the cold ensuring your body stays warm. Another option is to wear thermal clothing. You can buy thermal gloves, hats and booties as well. You do not need to wear a wetsuit every time you go in the water.
In each of the above categories there are plenty of choices such that your fashion and color sense can be indulged. See you on the water!