Last Minute Preparation Ideas for a Halloween Costume

If you have no Halloween costume yet and it is almost time for the party, you have nothing to worry about.

Halloween is fun and a lot of people are looking forward to it, especially the kids. In fact, they have planned what they are to wear on this occasion for a very long time. Aside from kids, adults also love dressing up. There are parties just for adults and there are even costume competitions done. If you are planning to go to a Halloween party, then you must have prepared what you will wear for quite some time. You don’t want to go there and have an ensemble that is pretty much the same with everyone else. If you are lucky enough to have thought of the concept way back, then you are good to go. If not, then don’t fret. There are last minute solutions that you can go for.

Find items that are available at home

You can’t go out as Superman or The Hulk with only just a few hours left before the party. You also can’t buy stuff at a department store. Thus, you can just pick whatever items you have at home and make it scary. For instance, you can go out as the scary butcher or chef. Find an apron and a chef hat at home and use them. Just soak them in red dye or with ketchup. You can also bring a faux knife with you. You can also be the killer teacher. Just dress up like a usual teacher and look totally mysterious during the night.

Play with makeup

This is your best friend when you run out of time to buy items you needed. You can play with lipstick as blood or just place a clown-like makeup, which is also very scary. If you have no skills in putting on makeup, just get some tattered clothes and go out as a zombie. You just have to make your hair messy and spread black eye shadow all over your body and some red stains using the lipstick. Just be creative and you can find a way to look scary.

Be the beautiful one

When you can’t think of any scary concept, don’t force yourself. You can just go out as the beautiful person. Find an elegant gown and fix yourself like you usually do and be a princess. You can also be an elegant model who dons tons of accessories. You can use real jewelry, but make sure to protect them well during the party. You can also make it a masquerade party. Just find any cocktail dress and put the mask on your face.

There are a lot more ways for you to look extremely scary and have an appropriate costume for the party. If you wish to have more inspiration on your overall look, then read some horror stories. For instance you can read about Robert the Doll from The Haunted Doll of Key West. This story will most likely inspire you and even make you act like a real ghost throughout the night. Most of all, just have fun and go for a wild party.