How to Store Clothes Safely

There comes a time each year where you must put away your thick coats and long pants in favor of comfortable shorts and fashionable t-shirts. However, you want to make sure your seasonal clothing stays in top shape year round. To do this, you will need to store them properly in a good environment. There is, surprisingly, a right and wrong way to do this. Cardboard boxes in the attic are no longer good enough!

First, you should get your clothes cleaned before storing them. It is possible that there may be some invisible stains or oils on them which may become very apparent a few months down the road when you take them out again. Oils from your skin may invite moths to your clothing, or leave a foul odor in your nice jacket. You may want to consider taking your clothes to a launderer or dry cleaned before storage to ensure a thorough clean. Do not store your clothes in the plastic bags from the cleaner though, as they can keep in moisture which can cause mildew.

You need to be sure your clothing is stored in a safe place before you even begin to put it in boxes. You should probably avoid the attic, as the heat from the summer and lack of ventilation in an attic can cause damage to your clothes. Also, it can be hard to notice right away if something like a bat or squirrel gets into the attic. Try to store your clothes in an area that is cool and dry. Make sure it also has good ventilation. Perhaps a basement would be suitable, or an extra room in the house.

When deciding what kind of boxes to put your clothes in, avoid cardboard. Chemicals used in cardboard are very acidic, which can cause permanent damage to your clothes. Also, the glue used to hold a cardboard box together can attract unwanted creatures such as rats or cockroaches. The best way to box your clothes is in a plastic tub with a lid. This will protect your clothes without inviting any unwanted guests. You may also consider writing the contents of a box on the lid for easy identification later on. Another great option is an unused suitcase. A suitcase is designed to store and transport clothing, making them an optimal choice.

Once you’ve packed your clothes away, don’t forget to check them periodically. Don’t just leave them to be forgotten in a box somewhere. Look for damage to the containers as well as any stains or bugs you may find. You may need to occasionally replace your storage containers to ensure that your clothing is safely stored away.

Everyone has clothes that they’re going to need stored at one point or another. It is very important to keep your clothing safe and clean while stored away so you look fantastic when you pull them back out again. Keeping your clothing clean and safe keeps you looking fashionable and fancy. Store your clothing properly and you’ll never have to worry about stains, bugs, or odors when you need them back out again!