How to Dress Like A Celebrity – Tips You Need to Know

Nowadays, celebrities are similar to supermodels. You can get lost in the vast depths of the internet when looking for lifestyle and clothing trends. Just do a Google search for “Kendra Wilkinson net worth” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Celebrity lifestyle products like designer clothing, hairstyle, accessories and even makeup are all duplicated on a massive basis. Obviously this is something people are interested in so to help out, below are some ideas on the best ways to clothe yourself like your favorite stars.

  • If you find anything your favorite star could wear and you love it, go all out. Like those vibrant headscarves that Carrie Bradshaw uses? You can have it.
  • Study the most recent style publications for the most recent celeb dresses. Style changes constantly so do not forget the exact same rule works for stars’ looks.
  • If you want to dress like a celebrity, the simplest means is to go one step additionally with your plan. As an example, you typically wear one pin or brooch to match your dress, yet it calls for 2 or 3 for a celebrity look. If you wear flats or wedges with 2 inches high, kick it up in a pair of sky high heels and you are certain to turn heads with your celeb appearance.
  • If you are dress in designers from head to toe, you are out of touch. Stars excel at mixing their look with affordable clothing. An outfit several celebrities like is a white shirt, a flowing headscarf, jeans and elegant boots. Purchase a lot more one-piece garments as opposed to complete outfits. Mix a tank top, a coat with your low-cut trousers and flip flops. It’s trendy to blend your closet compared to buying an outfit. Shop at stores to get more inexpensive clothing and you make sure to use a celebrity look without breaking the bank.
  • Wear an elegant pair of sunglasses. It does not just mean to put on your sunglasses. If you want a celeb appearance, wear your sunglasses anywhere you go. Because Paris Hilton strolls down the supermarket with her chic sunglasses, so why not do the same thing?
  • Be a headscarf girl. There are lots of options for you to choose: silk headscarves, cotton scarves, wool scarves, chiffon scarves … Use scarves around the front of your neck or back. Aim to make your look trendy.
  • Get some celebrity footwear! Heels are a must. Using flats can be optional, but you know, for the red carpet look, you ought to really get a posh pair of heels. Make it all unique, baby!


  • For clutches and footwear, use designers like Gucci, Chanel or Prada.
  • Attempt to mix and match your own styles. Choose leggings instead of trousers. Be one-of-a-kind and also spectacular.
  • Surf on the internet for charm tips. Often, you do not have to put on costly makeup for a star look.
  • Do not overdo the makeup.
  • Do not imitate some celebs. Even if you are in the same celeb dress, never act like her as individuals will certainly look down on you.
  • Smile in an organic way for a stylish red-carpet appearance.

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