Fitness Is Becoming The New Fashion Trend

In a time not that long ago, the fashion industry operated on coffee, top rated fat burners, crash dieting, cigarettes as well as champagne, an unholy trinity of vices created to keep you buzzed-up as well as super thin– it was anything but healthy. But as trends in health and fitness become ever more popular, the old ways of the fashion world have started to pass, ushering in a brand-new healthy and balanced state of mind in the market.

Take brilliant Japanese Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo (a fan favorite with the fashion blog writers), she starts her day at 6 am with yoga or swimming and also a standard Japanese breakfast of salmon, miso soup, tofu and also rice. “Elegance is everything about the way we live,” she says. “I live healthy, no alcohol, no smokes, and I make it a priority to sleep eight hours every night.”.

Marc Jacobs explains his day-to-day two-hour exercise as “needed treatment– mental and also physical,” and while he still loves his Diet Coke, “generally I stay pretty quite healthy with food choices. All forms of fresh juices, supplements like Acai, and a great deal of environment-friendly leafy vegetables.” At the same time, Rick Owens claims he only puts on garments that could take him straight from the studio to the fitness center (admittedly with a mink layer tossed on top), and also describes the “intense experience” of exercising as “a terrific combination of self-control, joyous pain, reflection, and vanity.”.

There’s no question that looking your best goes back to the origin of fashion’s brand-new love fest with fitness. Brazilian designer Isabeli Fontana, one of the longest working with Victoria’s Secret Angels, has additionally claimed, “I feel dissatisfied if I only do work during the day, I need to exercise to feel happy.” Hence the natural food diet regimen, yoga exercise, paddle boarding and jogs on the coastline she favors while jetting between New York and Florianopolis in Brazil.

Style publicist Robyn Berkley, took a sabbatical from the fashion world 2 years ago to get yoga instructor training, she also thinks that health and fitness currently operate similarly to the fashion world: “Style has always been seen as the current ‘must-have’, you could also use that same thinking in health and fitness now, with brands like Equinox and SoulCycle. It’s that obsessive mentality wanting to be the very first to uncover the hot new item that nobody else has found.” There is evidence of this in even items like the best-selling wrist wraps that are used for weight training come in dozens of colors and styles now.

She adds that the “juice fad” that is going on as a prime example– “the $10 eco-friendly juice has actually ended up being a brand-new type of fashionable icon.” As Equinox’s Supervisor of Public Relations Rebecca Goodman, who used to be an executive in the fashion world herself as head of Public Relations at Diesel, puts it like this: “Equinox is so appealing to the fashion conscious world considering that we aren’t simply a gym, we are a luxury lifestyle brand.”.

Chiyoko Osborne, who left a job in advertising and marketing at Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang to be an accredited nutritionist, has additionally experienced the fitness “must have” phenomenon. “At Alexander Wang, I saw an increasing passion amongst staff members in being healthy and living a balanced lifestyle. It wasn’t just about merely being thin. It was never ever about fad diets, but instead it was more about what you place in your body and also how often you exercise.”.

She also talks about the Chloe worker that texted her a picture of the Organic Avenue juices that had actually been purchased for somebody’s birthday in the office “instead of the age standard box of cupcakes,” she chuckles. “When you see Acai berry mini juice bottles backstage at style awards show and events, you recognize quickly that nutrition is starting to be trendy.” She finished saying; “everyone likes having them there also. On these days that are difficult, it really is nice to know you’re treating your body well to get be even better.”.

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