Common Sense Office Basics

Balance Boldness and Professionalism

I feel like professional working women often find it hard to find the right balance between professionalism and fashionable. While on the one hand you don’t want to be the woman who only wears pantsuits to work, you also don’t want to be the woman in office who wears clothing that’s overly provocative for downright slutty. There’s not really a lot of guidance for the working woman out there. While I’ve been a lifelong fashion enthusiast, I believe the majority of fashion blogs that are out there either cater to a younger demographic or the people who are running the blogs basically obsess about fashion all day every day and don’t do much else. I’m somebody who works full-time and who prioritizes work over most other things, fashion is really more of a hobby for me-that’s what separates me from most of the other fashion bloggers. I understand that my readers probably don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the perusing magazines – so on this blog I’ll try to give quick and easy fashion tips that will help you look great but won’t cost you a lot of money and won’t require a huge time investment. It’s the fashion blog for the working woman.

Always Prioritize Work Over Looking Fashionable

So the most important thing when considering what to wear when you go to work is to dress professionally without dressing unfashionably. Always remember that your first priority when going to work is your work and not what you’re wearing. If you’re trying to be fashionable choosing your clothes in the morning can be a lot of fun but should never ever consider wearing something that could potentially jeopardize your career or any professional relationships. If you’re not sure about an outfit then play the safe and don’t wear it. The smart way to spice up your look for work is with the subtle things: earrings, necklaces, bracelets-you get the idea. Jewelry is a great way to differentiate your look without being overly risky or adventurous with your fashion choices. Another slightly more edgy way to express yourself in the office is through your shoes. While some people may find it odd that you’re wearing a pair of fashionable heels to work, nobody in office will think that you’re being overly provocative if you’re wearing adventurous shoes. On the other hand if you’re wearing an adventurous top with a plunging neckline, or if you’re wearing an adventurous (short) skirt, it’s very likely people in office will judge you.If you want to dress particularly adventurously, it’s real simple: save it for the weekend.

Use Your Common Sense

The key to being fashionable at work without coming across as a ditz, or say, someone who might be willing to sleep their way to the top (which happens) is just to use your common sense. I think most women know that we often just each other in the harshest ways. If you saw a young 25-year-old wearing what you’re wearing in the office, would you judge her? The answer is yes then outfit is a no.

I’m going to keep this first post relatively brief. The stuff I’ve said so far is pretty much just common sense and any working woman understand exactly what I mean. Basically comes down to this: don’t dress like a slut. Now this isn’t slut shaming-what you do in your own time is your own business but when you’re in office for another professional environment you need to dress appropriately. The way I see it saying a woman shouldn’t wear an excessively short skirt to the office is like saying men should wear shorts or flip-flops to work. It should be a pretty basic thing.

For those of you who’re still tempted to flaunt these guidelines, go take a look at this rather thorough guide on Also, take note of this article that outlines the potential consequences of dressing unprofessionally in the workplace.

In any case the next post I promise I will actually started with some actionable fashion tips for working women.

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