Choosing the Right Accessories When Joining Beauty Pageants

Choosing the Right Accessories When Joining Beauty PageantsWinners of beauty pageants don’t just become ambassadors for an organization but they also become fashion icons. A lot of past beauty queens have eventually grown to be among the hottest celebrities and most followed when it comes to fashion. This includes Vanessa Williams, Eva Longoria, and Halle Berry. The same thing is true for successful Latina beauty queens like Zuleyka Rivera who is doing well as a fashion icon in Puerto Rico or Amelia Vega who is an actress, singer and fashion icon in Dominican Republic. This is why it is imperative for women joining pageants to hold themselves in the highest standards possible when it comes to fashion.

The evening gown portion of the competition is where the candidates are judged when it comes to their classiness and overall bearing. They have to present themselves in such a way that they are prim, proper and glamorous. Hence, you can see glittery gowns, see-through fabrics, neatly fixed hair and perfect accessories. Deciding on all these components takes a lot of time and effort. This is why before joining any pageant, you need to decide what to wear and how to present yourself well especially during that segment of the competition.

Choose the gown first

Before you even think about the accessories, you need to determine what the perfect gown for you is. You need to consider the color that matches your skin tone and also brings out the best in you. It is essential that you look fabulous in the gown, but not in a way that it overshadows your personality. As always, you have to carry the gown and not the other way around. The gown must also be current and trendsetting. If you follow pageants over the years, you can easily spot the changes in evening gown trends. Most of all, you must get a gown that leaves a space for accessories to shine and so will you as the wearer.

Find the accessories that match

Among the most common accessories for pageants are necklace, earrings, bracelets and watches. Of course, you don’t need all of them worn at once. You have to select which of them would complement what you are wearing. For plunging necklines, you need a necklace to sort of cover up the exposed breast area. If you are wearing a sleeveless gown, a bracelet would be a good highlight. If the upper portion of the gown is not too overwhelming, then a powerful and dangling pair of earrings is a must. If not, then the earrings must be kept simple.

For sleeveless gowns, a watch can be a nice addition. You may not usually see women wearing watches on stage, but the right watch is actually a nice addition. It makes a woman look classier. It is not yet a trend in pageant, but it can be with the right kind of watch. You can check out this year’s best watch brands for you to find out the perfect watch to be worn on stage. You can also check the best watches from Tom.

When you have a perfect balance of all these elements, then you will look oozing on stage.

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