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This is a blog for the fashionable working woman. It can be difficult for the professional ladies out there to look good and stylish whilst remaining utterly professional. I know I myself had some hurdles in being able to strike this balance, especially when I was less mature. I see younger women in my office in other professional situations making the same mistakes that I did on both ends of the spectrum – some of them show up to work looking like they’re going to a New Year’s party straight after work, and others show up looking like they got all of their fashion inspiration from watching funerals of old ladies on youtube or something.

In brief, I’ve found the key to dressing for success as a professional working woman is to dress so that you feel good about the way you look, but not to choose your work clothes in order to attract anybody else – basically look good enough, but don’t look like you’re about to go on a date.

Anyways, I’m hoping that this blog can provide some useful guidance for those young woman out there who take their careers extremely seriously, but also want to look good doing it. There’s a huge number of fashion blogs out there, but many of their choices, while stylish, are just too out there and adventurous for an office environment. I’m hoping that this blog can bridge that gap – I want it to be a resource for the working woman looking for fashion and lifestyle tips.

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