A Rice Cooker Gift From Friends

The only thing I love more than fashion is my husband and family. I love good food too, but obviously not in the same way. There is nothing like coming home after a long day and getting an embrace from my husband, making a good home-cooked meal in the kitchen, and catching up with the children. A weekend road trip with everyone is wonderful too!

When we last traveled as a family we stayed with a friend whose husband runs a rice cooker business that makes some of the best rice cookers in the world. They insisted that we stay with them rather than stay in a hotel — their guest house is practically a mansion itself. It was interesting to see the little things they do to manage their busy lives. Though we do some things similarly we also do some things differently as you’d expect. After all we live in different states with different weather and have very different upbringings – they were both raised rich in old southern families with inherited wealth, while my husband and I were both raised middle class.

One of the things they do is, of course, use a rice cooker – the husband’s company does make them after all. He is proud of his products and uses them himself — in fact they have a cupboard full of them. He is always experimenting with them and testing them. He even gave us their best model of rice cooker as a gift. I just might be too proud to use it; even though I love technological advances and write about them sometimes in this blog I am a proud cook and quite set in my ways! I would honestly say I don’t need any high-tech help. I always look forward to cooking and do a good job of it. I don’t see how I can improve upon my pilaf, for instance. Perhaps my husband will use the rice cooker if he is ever home alone. However, I do recommend rice cookers to both men and women who are not too confident with their cooking skill – they are a high-tech home appliance that really works!

Along with the rice cooker my husband did get given the gift of a very nice pocket knife as well — our friends are generous! The men talked about their love of fine knife craftsmanship last time they spoke. His father was a traditional southern knife maker and my husband’s father was a high-ranking administrator in the army who also took an interest in knives during his tenure. They had a lot to talk about and knives set them off on all kinds of conversational tangents: they got along swimmingly, as they say.

Our friends don’t travel nearly as much as us, even though money is not a problem, and when they do it is mostly within their own state. My friend’s husband has handed all the marketing and traveling duties that formerly kept him busy flying to a trusted childhood friend. Though they don’t travel much we did invite them to visit. I will make sure the rice cooker is broken in if they do come as we wouldn’t want them to feel that the gift is unappreciated. It is appreciated! As they say “It’s the thought that counts.”