A Guide to Women’s Sport Clothes

Whether you are a professional athlete or exercising to be fit, the type of sports clothes you use to train influences the outcome of your session. You should pick clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident and attractive. Here is a simple guide.


Quality, comfort, affordability, and style should be your top priority while choosing your tights, a pair of shorts, sports bra, underwear, or socks. You don’t need expensive designer wear to get the perfect clothes for sporting activities. However, always make sure that you are choosing clothing designed for the particular sport for safety. For instance, you don’t want to have any of your rock climbing gear or paintball clothing fail.


Every sport or fitness program whether it is tennis, soccer, running or aerobics requires you to use your feet almost 100% of the time. Hence, you should choose shoes that can withstand high stress levels and provide your feet with ample support and protection from injuries. The perfect shoe for you depends on your body weight, foot shape, and type of sport or nature of the surface. For instance, don’t try to go running in weightlifting shoes.

Visit several stores and consult widely to find the shoe that fits well, is customized for your gait and can support your feet from impact. Brands don’t matter, so long as you pick a shoe that perfectly complements the goals of your sport or fitness program.


Choosing the right socks can prevent you from getting blisters and other forms of foot injuries. The best socks for sports can either be padded socks, lightweight socks or double layered socks. Also, ensure you choose a pair with cushioned heel and extended padding to reduce rubbing and offer extra comfort.


Choose a lightweight and breathable pair of shorts to be comfortable. A pair of shorts made of fabric absorbs sweat keeping you cool and dry for longer periods. Also, ensure you choose a pair that fits perfectly; larger shorts make you seem bigger while tight shorts are not comfortable.

Tops and sports bra

Many tops and sports bras are made of cotton. However, cotton absorbs sweat making your top or bra heavy while making you feel sticky and uncomfortable. Hence, go with synthetic fiber like nylon. A good top must be cool, lightweight and feel comfortable against your skin. The sports bra must provide you with enough support while allowing you to have a greater movement range. Ensure the straps can accommodate your top and are firm enough to support the bra during vigorous movements.


If you prefer tights over a pair of shorts, the choice of tights is important. Tights are mainly useful for training during winter as they protect your legs from wind gusts. Ensure you choose a pair made of brushed material to keep your leg muscles warm. For extra protection, ensure it has soft shell material mainly at the front.


A jacket is mainly useful for the winter season. Other than protecting you from the wind, the jacket should enable you stay visible to other road users particularly during bad weather. A bulky jacket can restrict your movement, hence choose a lightweight breathable one with reflective strips. Bright colored jackets and those made of fabric material are ideal for running.

Comfort is the most important element while choosing women’s sports clothing. Discomfort can be caused by ill-fitting garments, wrong material or poor design. When you feel comfortable, you can achieve more in sports.