A Great Career Choice for Women

Although I love fashion, it can be a tough career path to start out on. It can be low paying and the hours are long. Plus, you have to take orders from very shallow people for many years in orders to work your way to the top. It can be a grueling process that not everyone may want to do while their young or even the rest of your lives. Although you might be expressing your passion to the world, it is hard to view it that way when you starting out and not doing exactly what you like

That is why today I wanted to talk about alternate career choices for women. There are a lot of them. However, today I wanted to focus on one career path in particular that is dominated by females and thriving in terms of labor demand. That career path is nursing. Nursing has become one of hottest career paths over the past couple years and many women are flocking toward it.

This is a profession where you are responsible for the treatment of patients throughout a medical facility. Nurses work closely with doctors, assistants, residents, and other medical staff. They usually have bachelor’s degrees and various amount of certifications. They are highly educated because their jobs are not easy. I have friends that are nurses and some of them deal with patients that are in life or death situations every day.

That is only one side of the coin, though. Other nurses have very chill jobs. Anesthetists, for example, prepare and administer anesthesia for patients before surgery. They have a very relaxing work schedule and lifestyle. There are plenty of nurse specialties like that but you usually have to pay your dues for a couple years in the hospital and get a graduate degree.

The demand for this market has exploded in the past couple years because there is a greater amount of patients checking into medical facilities than staff who can work can take care of them. That problem is only going to get worse as the baby boomer generation gets older. They currently take up twenty-five percent of the population.

When baby boomers start getting old, they are bound to start having health issues. That is a lot of people checking into hospitals and not enough nurses to take care of them. If there are not enough nurses to take care of our patients now, what will happen when the baby boomers reach retirement age? The only way to combat is for more nurses to enter the workforce.

Besides the outrageous market demand and everlasting fulfillment you get from helping people. There are so many other perks. These nurses only work 3 days a week. Although they do work twelve-hour shifts, I would much rather do that than nine to five and Monday through Friday. Nurses have a lot more time to indulge in activities outside work which is very hard in other professions. Especially in the fashion industry because the work and hours can be grueling.

Nurses also get paid very well. A registered nurse’s salary is about $60,000 dollars on average. That is about double what you get paid for an entry level job in the fashion industry. That is enough said. Nursing is a great profession that all nurses should look into.

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